Single Family and MulityFamily  Energy Modeling/ Green Building

  • GreenPoint Rated Existing Single Family/ Multifamily
  • Energy Upgrade California (Single Family/ Multifamily) 
  • Net Zero Energy Analysis: BEopt (Building Energy Optimization) 
  • California Advanced Home Program (CAHP)
  • Multifamily (BayRen, LA County TEN)
  • California Tax Allocation Committee
  • HERS Compliance Modeling Hew Home Solar Partership (NHSP)


  • EnergyPro
  • Snugg
  • Cake Systems
  • Optimiser
  • Energy Plus 



Former Quality Assurance Project Manager at Build it Green with expertise in approving Utility rebate job submissions.  Developed standards and methods to show building compliance with modeling software.


California Association of Building Energy Consultants 
  • Certified Energy Plans Examiner Title 24
Building Performance Institute
  • Single Family Building Analyst
  • Multifamily Building Analyst
Build It Green
  • Certified Green Building Professional
  • GreenPoint Rater New/ Existing Home
  • GreenPoint Rarer New/Existing Multifamily